The Burney Lions Club meets every Thursdsay at 7pm. An attendee must be a Lion, or a guest of a Lion.

Often we have special meetings, like District Governor visitations or Student of the Month awards. Some summer meeting happen at the Burney Civic Park. No meetings in the second half of December.

What to expect at a Burney Lions meeting?

The first ones to come in are the cooks. The cooks show up far enough in advance to serve dinner at 7pm.

The bar opens about two hours before the meeting starts for Lions and Lion guest. Often Lions will play pool, darts, or just socialize.

At 7pm the Club President will ring the official bell start the meeting.

In sequence, sing God Bless America, say Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag, prayer, then start dinner. Guest are served first. Please contact us for specific dietary requirements, such as vegetarian.

After dinner we introduce our introduce special guest, such as the Students of the Month or our special speaker. Currently dinner is $15, a price that includes the cost of hall utilities.

If we have a speaker this is that time. If you are interested in being a speaker at the Burney Lions Club check this link.

On a normal meeting, without special guest, this is time for club business, including reports of recent projects and future events.

Jackpot raffle is the end of the regular meeting, we are welcome to stay after the meeting.